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Cisco IOS Feature/License Options

I need to add a feature (or license) to a number of my Cisco routers. This can get a bit confusing though, as Cisco made changes to their licensing model when they introduced the ISR G2 series of routers (IE: 1900, 2900 & 3900 series).

These routers use a “universal” image, and you simply license the features you want…in my case the┬árouters are licensed for IPBase and UC, and I need to add the SEC (Security) license to the router. The license tree is pretty simple…

License options for newer Cisco routers

For my older routers, I’m currently running SP Services and I need to add Security/VPN, which means I need to upgrade to Advanced IP Services.

Feature set (IOS) options for older routers

Either way, Cisco is going to get a lot more money from me!!

Cisco Security Alert – ROMMON Firmware Hack

Cisco Security Alert

Cisco Security Alert

Well, it looks like the hackers are at it again. (BTW…I use the term “hackers” as my preferred term “slimy dog-poop scum” is too wordy…but either one works just as well.) Cisco just released a security alert concerning a hack which replaces the ROMMON firmware (the boot firmware) with malicious ROMMON code. This code does work, in terms of booting the router/switch properly, but it also contains malicious code. Fortunately, you do need either privileged access or physical access to the device. Note the credibility level…”Confirmed”.

Check out Cisco’s security alert here.